SMS Management System
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SMS Management System

One Outlook look alike enviroment to manage all your SMS messages with simple interface to send / reply / forward your SMS. It helps you to blast the same content with recpective Salutation to multiple recepients with just a few clicks.

This system is locally hosted without the internet connection, all information about your customers would not expose to the internet. Your customer will receive the SMS from your own postpaid/prepaid number, this will bring the recognition for them.

Treat this as a reminder to remind you or your colleagues on the important appointment/meeting, scheduled blasting allows you to set your preferred date and time to send out the SMS messages.

No worry while you are not in the office, auto responder will forward all the incoming SMS messages to a designated number. It also help you to acknowledge/response your customer while you are not in front of your desk.

You may also integrate this SMS Messaging system to your existing system which you need to send notification to your customer or colleagues. Delivery reports help you to monitor and make sure the SMS messages are sucessfully sent to remote parties.
Local Hosted, Secured Database
Dedicated Number
Scheduled Blasting
Bulk Text Messaging
Personalized Content
Auto Responder
Delivery Report
Import/Export Feature
System Integration
Chinese Words Support